The following 2008 events are reported below:
  1. TIEMS Annual Conference 2008 in Czech Republic, 17 -19 June 2008
  2. TIEMS Workshop in Luxembourg, 26 - 27 September 2008
  3. TIEMS Workshop in Romania, 17 - 18 October 2008
  4. TIEMS Workshop in Croatia, 28 - 29 October 2008
  5. TIEMS Workshop in China, 8th December 2008

TIEMS 2008 Annual Conference in Prague
TIEMS 2008 Participants in Prague 01
         The Participants gathered before the Gala Dinner
TIEMS 15th Annual Conference took place in hotel Tristar-Olympik in Prague, Czech Republic, 17th - 19th June 2008.  The conference was attended by approx 150 participants from 25 countries and was another successful TIEMS event. The conference theme was "Global Cooperation in Emergency and Disaster Management" with the following TIEMS 2008 Annual Conference Program and the following keynote speakers:
A special feature this year was a simulation exercise on "The Second Wave of an Influenza Pandemic" that took place during the conference. "Introduction to the Influenza Pandemic Simulation" was done in a Keynote the first day of the conference. Further simulation updates were given during the conference and the simulation was concluded at the end of the conference with a simulation sum up and critique.

A panel discussion on "Natural Hazard Mitigation" was arranged the third day of the conference with the following prepared presentations:
  1. "Natural Hazard Mitigation"; K. Harald Drager, TIEMS President, Norway
  2. Presentation by Charles Kelly, USA
  3. Presentation by Nina Frolova, Russia
  4. Presentation by Ji Zhang, China
  5. "Turkey in Disaster Management" by Himmet Karaman, Turkey
TIEMS Korean Chapter donated US$ 100 each to the three best papers selected by the Paper Review Committee. The 2008 winners listed below, received their award from Young-Jai Lee during the Conference Gala Dinner:
  1. Jonas Borell and Kerstin Eriksson from Lund Univesrsity, Sweden with the Paper;Strengthening Learning From Emergency Responses
  2. John Tiefenbacher and Ron Hagelman from  Texas State Univesrsity, USA with the Paper; Bi-national Responses to Emergencies and Disasters: Cooperation between Mexico and the United States"
  3. Susan Smith and Linda Peoples from The University of Tennessee, USA with the Paper; Disaster Response: Community Mental Health Service Capacity In The United States"
TIEMS - Rohrmann Student Foundation aslo selected  two students for financial support for the TIEMS 2008 conference. The winners listed below, received their award from Bernd Rohrmann during the Gala Dinner:
  1. Carmit Rapaport from Israel Institute of Technology, Israel with the paper; "Business Continuity as an Adaptive Social Process"
  2. Seth Stoughton from Florida State University, USA with the paper; "A Meta Analysis of Fiscal Loss and Fraud Prevention in Disaster Recovery Consumer and Victim Populations"
The Paper Review Committee in coopeartion with the Chief Editor Jean Luc Wybo of the International Journal of Emergency Management (IJEM) has selected 10 papers from the conference for publication in a special issue of IJEM.
     Professor Alexandru Ozunu receives TIEMS recognition to TIEMS Romanian Chapter