Kennesaw UniversityThe TIEMS 2022 Annual Conference will take place October 17th – October 21st, 2022

 at Kennesaw State University in the Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Participants may attend in person or online!

The conference will be hosted by the TIEMS-USA Chapter ( TIEMS ( was established in 1993 as a platform for stakeholders within the global emergency and disaster management community to meet, network, and learn about best practices as well as new technical and operational methodologies. Since 1994 TIEMS has hosted conferences in over 20 different countries.

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After several Requests, the Deadline for Submissions has been extended to 15th August, so it still Possible to Submit an Abstract!

The list of Submissions by 31st of July                                                    Welcome and Keynote Speakers by 31st of July

Download the Call for Papers

TIEMS 2022 Program Concept 5 Challenges in Emergency Management -

Toward 2030 and Beyond.

Papers are solicited in the following topics

(Other realted topics will also be considered)

  • Sendai Framework implementation and emergency management
  • Armed conflict and the implications for emergency management
  • Making cities smart and resilient to meet health, climate, and energy challenges
  • Adaptation of rescue and response forces to climate and energy change
  • Energy security and emergency management in the context of the UN’s SDGs
  • Food security and emergency management in the context of SDGs
  • Triggers for international conflicts and cascading emergency management considerations, e.g., the Ukraine conflict
  • Gender aspects of emergency management and disaster risk reduction
  • Ethics of emergency management in 21st century
  • Refugee health and immigration implications for emergency management
  • Food security and emergency management
  • International humanitarian law, its application, and the equality of states in terms of international justice
  • Crisis management and the politics of emergency response
  • How warfare affects emergency management
  • New resilience policies: how institutions can act towards a shared agenda for action
  • Managing uncertainty in emergency and disaster management
  • Citizen preparedness: how to make people part of a genuine culture of resilience
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI), new technologies, and cybersecurity to mitigate new emergency management challenges
  • How new emergencies impact the safety and security of first responders
  • Other subjects related to the previous topics

There will be two types of papers given during the sessions at the conference:

  • Completed or ongoing academic research – for this type of paper the author(s) final submissions to the conference will be a full, publishable paper, and PowerPoint slides summarizing the paper. The paper will be presented at the conference either as one of the 20-minute presentations in a themed session, or less formally at a poster session. The best of these papers will be published through the TIEMS website and several collaborating journals
  • Practitioner’s talks – we strongly encourage submissions describing real-world experiences, case studies, and lessons learnt for this TIEMS conference. For this type of paper, the author(s) final submission will be PowerPoint slides. The conference presentation will be either as one of the 20-minute presentations in a themed session, or less formally at a poster session.

Video recordings will be produced from the conference presentations and shared after the conference. The organising and scientific/review committees of the conference are in contact with various publishers. The aim is to investigate the possibility of disseminating papers from the 2022 TIEMS Annual conference via peer-reviewed journals. The journals are Indexed in WOS and SCOPUS, or DOAJ databases.

 We are soliciting abstracts for both types of papers: For academic research should be a maximum of 1000 words / For practitioner’s talk should be 200 – 500 words.

The schedule for abstract and paper submission is as follows according to extended deadlines:

2022 extended deadlines ver1


    Abstracts should be submitted to:                       


    According to the following template:                 

    Abstract Template

   Full papers according to the following template

    Paper Template


TIEMS 2022 Annual Conference Hybrid Program Concept

The conference will be presented in a hybrid concept, with physical participation and the possibility to join virtually, both presenting or only attending. A program for the whole week 17th – 21st October will be provided.  A Pre-conference Tour to a local emergency management center is being arranged on Monday, and a guided tour in Atlanta and the surrounding area is planned for Friday. Monday and Friday may also be used for virtual presentations of submitted papers.

Each evening during the conference in Atlanta there will be a social event, allowing time for participants to network and get to know each other better, and to learn more about the local culture and cuisine of Georgia.

TIEMS International Qualification Certifications (TQC & TQAC) Workshops during the Annual Conference

TIEMS International Qualification Certifications (TQC & TQAC) are gaining strong interest worldwide, and candidates from 9 countries, USA, Japan, Australia, India, South Africa, Jordan, Nigeria, China, and Botswana, are already certified or undergoing the certification process. TIEMS therefore plans to arrange TQC & TQAC workshops Monday (physical attendance) and Friday (virtual attendance) during the conference which will lead the participants through the application and compliance process, and prepare them for the final examination, which the candidates can take from home after the conference.

In order to prepare the workshops, TIEMS wants to know the interest for these workshops and for being TQC or TQAC certified. Furthermore, if interested, we also need to know if you plan to join physically in Atlanta or like to join virtual to the workshop?

Please indicate your interest for participating in the TQC & TQAC workshops at TIEMS 2022 Annual Conference, and if you plan to join physically or want to join virtually by sending  the e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.                                  

TIEMS 2022 Hybrid Annual Conference and TQC & TQAC Workshops Registrations and Payments

                   2022 Registartion and Payment

*) TIEMS is a voluntary organization, where all members, officers and directors work for free for the organization. Having financial support through new TIEMS memberships and donations will help TIEMS to reach our goals quite faster. New memberships and donations to TIEMS will assist the Society on working towards improving emergency and disaster management and establish resilient communities worldwide.

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