The TIEMS 2022 Kennesaw UniversityAnnual Conference took place

October 17th – October 21st, 2022

 at Kennesaw State University in the Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

With 271 Attendees from 38 Countries in person and online!

The conference was hosted by the TIEMS-USA Chapter (, and this year's main topic was

Challenges in Emergency Management - Toward 2030 and Beyond

 TIEMS 2022 Annual Conference Hybrid Program Report

The conference took place in a hybrid concept, with both physical and virtual participation, and it was an excellent international event with speakers and participants from more than 30 countries and 90 excellent presentations over the 5 days and two workshops on TIEMS International Certifications - TQC & TQAC

Each evening during the conference in Atlanta there was a social event, allowing time for participants in Atlanta to network and get to know each other better, and to learn more about the local culture and cuisine of Georgia.

TIEMS International Qualification Certifications (TQC & TQAC) Workshops during the Annual Conference


TIEMS International Qualification Certifications (TQC & TQAC) are gaining strong interest worldwide, and candidates from 9 countries, USA, Japan, Australia, India, South Africa, Jordan, Nigeria, China, and Botswana, are already certified or undergoing the certification process. TIEMS therefore arranged TQC & TQAC workshops Monday  and Friday during the conference which lead the participants through the application and compliance process, and prepared them for the final examination, which the candidates can take from home after the conference.

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 Certification 2022 ver1

Video Recording of Panel Debate on TQC & TQC Certifications

TIEMS 2022 Program final ver1

 Detailed Final Conference Program                           Welcome and Keynote Speakers

VIDEO Recordings of all Sessions

The Proceedings will soon be finished and posted here. The organising and scientific/review committees of the conference are in contact with various publishers. The plan is disseminating papers from the 2022 TIEMS Annual conference via peer-reviewed journals. The journals are Indexed in WOS and SCOPUS, or DOAJ databases. 

TIEMS New Board of Directors Elected at TIEMS Annual General Meeting

For Brief Bios of TIEMS Directors see:

Places Decided for TIEMS Future Annual Conferences
 TIEMS 2023 Board of Directors

TIEMS Future Conferences 

TIEMS Board of Directors Established a Dr. SNJEŽANA KNEZIĆ

Memorial Best Student Award

Snjezana Student Award 

Dr. SNJEŽANA KNEZIĆ Memorial Best Student Award was Granted to

           Marilyn Tamayo

            Grace Endina

             Kelly Maguire                             

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