The TQC Charter Members are those who have fullfilled TQC Certification Requirements, by passing through all phases of TQC Certification; TQC Application, TQC Compliance and TQC Examination.

 TQC 2020 Diploma

A Brief Introduction to TQC

TQC Charter Members per 2020 are:

TQC Charter Members Diplomas

TQC is awarded for a three-year period, with re-certification efforts required prior to the end of the third year. The TQC Certification Board will notify the TQC-certified person at the beginning of their third year, asking them to submit the Re-Certification Form if s/he intends to maintain his/her certification. The TQC Certification Board will then evaluate the TQC-certified person’s experience, activity, and education/training during the 2 - 3 years TQC certification period, and, if they continue to be qualified, issues a Re-Certification Certificate, or asks the candidate to take the Re-Certification Exam. In the latter case, the evaluation will follow the same procedure, but simpler, as with a new TQC certification.    

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