TIEMS Research and Technology Development (RTD)
Projects & Member Service
TIEMS members constitute a large international multidisciplinary group of experts, with different educational background and various experience in the field of emergency and disaster management. They represent an unique source of expertise and ideas, which is an important asset for research and development activities. TIEMS has therefore established a RTD service for its members:
  1. Based on members ideas, propose  RTD projects which can improve methods, systems, operations and technology in emergency and disaster management
  2. Initiate RTD Consortiums where TIEMS members can participate in RTD proposals  
  3. Inform members of established RTD Consortiums and RTD activity where TIEMS members can participate

It all started with the NARTUS project in 2006, finished in 2009, where TIEMS had the responsability for consensus building and establishing the Public Safety Communication Europe Forum:  http://www.psc-europe.eu/

  2. TIEMS is now a partner in the following projects:


TIEMS RTD Member Service

TIEMS Secretariat will act as TIEMS RTD Service Coordinator with the following tasks:

  1. Based on TIEMS members needs, develop a RTD plan and be responsible for the execution of the plan
  2. Involve TIEMS members in RTD programs and projects
  3. Develop and maintain a TIEMS RTD cooperation strategy for TIEMS members
  4. Keep a dialogue with TIEMS members and involve them in planned and ongoing RTD programs and activities
  5. Maintain and update the web-site information on RTD opportunities
  6. Stimulate and encourage TIEMS chapters to take RTD initiatives and establish RTD activity in TIEMS chapters
For interest, contact TIEMS Secretariat or TIEMS President!