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TIEMS2017MayPictureTIEMS May 2017 Regular Edition Newsletter
 This TIEMS Regular Newsletter May 2017 Edition covers updates and announcements of TIEMS worldwide activities, among others TIEMS 2017 USA Chapter Conference in Maine, USA, in June, and TIEMS 2017 Annual Conference in India in November, and much more.
TIEMS May 2017 Regular Edition Newsletter

TIEMS 2017 USA Chapter Conference in Maine
University of Maine, June 12-16, 2017
 Emergency Management, Homeland Security, and Computing
Homeland security events often lead to emergency management situations. As with many other disciplines, computing is playing an ever more important in emergency management. Di erent aspects of computing, such as cybersecurity, modeling, and virtual reality are important both for protecting critical assets, for preparing for disasters, and for training.

This year, the TIEMS USA Annual Conference is dedicated to the theme Emergency Management, Homeland Security, and Computing. Presentations from US and international leaders will provide unique insights on these important topics, and interactive sessions will create an exceptional opportunity to discuss local and international perspectives. Please join us and add your ideas to the discussion. Learn, network, and enjoy beautiful Maine in the summer!

TIEMS April 2017 Special Edition Newsletter
 This TIEMS Newsletter April 2017 Special Edition covers TIEMS first Conference in Ukraine, with summary of the conference and publishing of all papers presented at the conference.

TIEMS is Co-organizing the Following Events in China 

 TIEMS India Workshop took place in New Delhi 10th February 2017
 TIEMS 2017 Annual Conference will take place in India in November 2017!
 Announcement of place and date soon!

Conference on Emergency & Disaster Management in Erbil, Iraq,
29 - 31 March 2017
SuleimaniyaWe are pleased to invite you to the International conference on Emergency & Disaster Management which will be held 29 - 31 March 2017 in Erbil-Iraq at Divan Hotel. We have to work together with national, regional and international partners striving to improve the scientific basis for disaster and emergency health practice and to establish best practices based on validated evidence. The outcomes of this event protect communities, reduce morbidity and mortality, improve recovery, and enable the development of more resilient communities. Conference participants will have an opportunity to engage in these important discussions in a forum with their peers.The conference is organized by the Iraqi Society for Emergency Management in cooperation with the International Emergency Management Society (TIEMS) and supported by many national and international organizations and companies.
Conference Web-site

TIEMS November 2016 Regular NewsletterNwesletternovember2016
 This newsletter covers reports from TIEMS worldwide events and activities, reports from the ASSET and HERACLES EU projects and other EU projcts, reports and announcements of international conferences and report on World CBRNe events.

TIEMS October 2016 Special Edition Newsletter
 TIEMS2016OctoberSpecialEditionThis TIEMS Newsletter October 2016 Special Edition covers TIEMS 2016 Annual Conference in San Diego, USA, with summary of the conference and publishing all full papers presented at the conference. For viewing the full confernce with all power point presentations at the conference, please, view it in TIEMS Library.

TIEMS Emergency Medicine Committee (TEMC) 2016 Conference
Changsha, China, 15 - 16 October 2016  link

TEMC Logo1The conference main forum will be followed by the four sub-forums, Hosptial Presidents, Oncologiests, Cardiologists and Clinical Lab. Nearly all of the participants of the four sub-forums have taken part in the training programs jointedly organized by TEMC and Harvard Medical School.

TEMC Conference Program            Conference Report

TIEMS Korea Chapter 2016 Annual Conference

 KoreaksdsTIEMS Korea Chapter 2016 Annual Conference entitled “Performance of the Public Safety and Future Assignments” will be held by the Ministry of Public Safety and Security, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, and Gyeonggi Province. The objectives of the conference are to promote the growth of national interests in safety and security and to create an ecosystem within the safety industry for a safer society. This conference will be on 16 November 2016 as part of the 2nd K-Safety Expo 2016 from 16 Novemberto 18 November 2016.

TIEMS First Conference in Ukraine
               in Kyiv 12 - 13 October 2016
We are pleased to invite you to participate in the joint event combining The 2nd International TIEMS DCEM Conference and The 2nd Secure Society Conference Ukraine SOSECUKR. This event will run as a round table for raising the issues of challenges, changes and responsibilities in building a modern secure society in accordance to European standards. It is open to all experts across the full spectrum of political sciences, economics, social sciences, diplomatic corps, security and safety engineering, applied IT and geo-information. Helping policy- and decision-makers to become aware of potential sustainable security solutions.

TIEMS DCEM II Conference web-site

TIEMS supports this event, and please, find more details at:


HERACLES TIEMS is a partner in the HERACLES EU project, which main objective is to design, validate and promote responsive   systems/solutions for effective resilience of Cultural Heritage (CH) against climate change effects, considering a holistic mutlidisciplinary approach through the involvement of end-users, industry / SMES's, scientists, conservators / restorators, social experts, decision and policy makers. HERACLES will develop a system exploiting an ICT platform to collect and integrate multisource information to effectively provide complete and updated situational awareness and support for improving CH resilience, including new solutions for maintenance and conservation and to define the materials able to be integrated in the platform for proper maintenance, remediation and restoration actions. HERACLES system will be designed and developed taking into account the economic sustainability and future acceptance by the market and the social and economic impact for public and local communities while respecting the integrity of CH and the value it hold for communities. HERACLES envisages effective technological transfer of outcomes to large companies, SMEs and end users. 

There are three case study sites in the project in CRETE, GREECE in Minoan Knossos Palace and  Venetian coastal fortress of Koules and in Italy in GUBBIO at Medieval Wall and High town.

EUlogoThis project has received funding from the European Union's Framework Programme for Research and Innovation HORIZON 2020 under Grant Agreement 700395.


More information in HERACLES first Newsletter

TIEMS Newsletters July 2016
With news from TIEMS and other global emergency management and disaster response information of importance.
This issue is dedicated to presentations from the first Asia Emergency Management Conference and scientific articles with results from the EU Project PHAROS.

TIEMS President's 2016 Annual ReportK. Harald Drager 2013
 Read about TIEMS Achievements and Progress in 2015.


 Download Report 

Secure Smart and Resilient Cities Initiative

by TIEMS Finland Chapter

Secure Smart and Resilient Cities Initiative (SSCI)

TIEMS Finland Association invites

TIEMS Newsletters March 2016
With news from TIEMS and other global emergency management and disaster response information of importance.
This issue is fully dedicated to the EU DRIVER project with presentations and scientific articles.

 Happy New Year

May this year be peaceful and without major disasters and bring success and happiness to all. I wish you all a successful and prosperous new year filled with peace and happiness!

K. Harald Drager, TIEMS President

Announcement of TIEMS 2016 Annual Conference
TIEMS 2016 Flier ver3
TIEMS 2016 Annual Conference took place in San Diego, USA,
13 - 15 September 2016 with City of San Diego Office of Homeland Security
as Sponsor and Cooperation Partner.

Conference Announcement and Final Program

Conference Report

For further details on TIEMS 2016 Web-site

TIEMS Newsletters December 2015
With news from TIEMS and other global emergency management and disaster response information of importance.
Nesletter december scientific part

With scientific articles of different topics within international emergency managment and disaster response.

GENERATE Picture Update

The Global Educational Network for Emergency Resilience And Training Excellence (GENERATE) program is an initiative by The International Emergency Management Society (TIEMS), to create a network of participating organizations and an online resource to improve access to the world’s collective knowledge and experience in emergency management. To meet this goal, GENERATE will

  • Develop an internationally shared understanding of emergency management elements, qualifications, and terminology
  • Help students find and connect with useful live and online educational resources
  • Make increasing amounts of emergency management knowledge available online, especially to vulnerable societies
  • Provide a platform to share critical lessons learned from disasters and emergencies

GENERATE will create a community of emergency management educators, practitioners, and students, who will share knowledge and work together to improve capabilities worldwide.


The Executive Summary of the Project GENERATE.


For more information or questions, contact; TIEMS President

Nice Global Forum on Homeland Security & Crisis Management, October 25-28, 2016 in Nice, France will bring together Ministers for Homeland Security, Mayors, heads of law enforcement agencies, as well as industry experts to strengthen cooperation and share views, experiences and knowledge in the fields of homeland security threats and natural disasters.

NGF 2016 offers a unique opportunity to network with world experts and key opinion leaders from the industry, government and academia, as well as an impressive programme of keynote speakers, panelists and sessions.

The extent of the homeland security and natural disaster threats coupled with the complexity of dealing with it, have motivated many governments during the last decade to create new ministries to meet the needs of homeland security.  However, the capability of cities and nations to meet these challenges alone is limited.

The Nice Global Forum, NGF 2016 Congress, will bring together industry, government and academia to share knowledge, experience and strengthen cooperation, to improve the safety and security of cities and citizens.

Register now to join Homeland Security & Crisis Management peers at NGF 2016 in Nice!

                                                                                                  亞洲應急管理博覽 Macao AEME logo transparent final
                                                    Asia Emergency Management Expo
                                                                  10 12 May 2016 | Macao

The Asia Emergency Management Expo (AEME) and Conference (AEMC) will take place from 10 to 12 May 2016 at the Venetian, Macao. AEME serves as an international trade platform for service providers, manufacturers, trading companies and non-governmental organizations providing a broad range of products and services. AEMC is Asia’s specialized Emergency Management Conference for Urban Areas. It is addressing the increasing urbanization trend in the Asia-Pacific region by focusing on natural and human-made emergencies occurring typically in urban areas. Both events will attract a high diversity of professions from the decision maker to the practitioner in risk and emergency management, business continuity and disaster recovery.

See details at Web-site!

TIEMS President visits TIEMS China Chapter
China Chapter Meeting

On Nov. 21, 2015 TIEMS China Chapter’s Chairman Shan Chunchang, Vice Chairman Qu Guosheng, Zhang Ji, General Secretary Ning Chunlin, and Depute Secretary Yao Xiang had a happy dinner with TIEMS President Harald Drager in Beijing.  During the dinner, President Drager gave several wishes to China chapter.  First, he wishes the initiative of building a global learning network will expand, and China chapter will take more important role.  Second, he wishes the collaboration between the China chapter and TIEMS global chapters will be strengthened.  Last but not the least, he wishes everyone good health.  The China chapter updated with President Drager its recent progresses, and invited him to 2016 TIEMS China Chapter Annual Conference in Zhuhai.  President Drager felt excited about China chapter’s achievement, and happily accepted the invitation.  He also invited China chapter to 2016 TIEMS Annual Conference in San Diego.

On this sweet night a week ahead of Thanksgiving Day, China Chapter would especially thank President Drager for his great contribution for founding this wonderful platform.  We believe with all the members’ devotion and efforts, TIEMS will be more and more successful.

 Crying for France

  I like to express my deeepst sympathy with the French people and especially with the families where family members were killed or wounded in the meaningless terrorist attack in Paris Friday 13.11.2015.
The number of victims are shocking and heartbreaking and make me angry, speechless and crying!
 K. Harald Drager
TIEMS President

Disaster Preparedness through Forecast Based Financing


Better preparedness is the main solution to reduce the consequences of disasters, and it needs to be put higher on the agenda in the world community, and with more focus on forecast - based financing, explained briefly below. 

 Currently, disaster related programs focus on two areas: post disaster response and reconstruction, and long-term disaster risk reduction (Hyogo Framework of Action). However, there is a valuable window of time that exists after the issuance of science based early warnings, but before a potential disaster materialize, namely an approach for catalyzing humanitarian actions based on disaster forecasts for vulnarable societies.

More details is found in this article and this presentation, and the initiative described with pilot applications in Togo and Uganda with technical support from Red Cross and finacial support from German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, should get increased focus and lifted up to a global scale!

 TIEMS President's 2015 Annual ReportK. Harald Drager 2013

 Read about TIEMS Achievements and Progress in 2014.


Download Report  

    Earthquake Disaster in Nepal

Nepal Earthquake

 It has happened again!

 A poor and vulnerable population has been struck by a devastating disaster, which was predicted by the scientist experts.

 First of all, I like on behalf of TIEMS membership and myself express my deepest sympathy with the Nepalese people suffering from the disaster and express my sincere hope that the foreign support and help will make a welcome relief in the tragedy and make the time to recovery as short as possible.

Most international and national aid organizations are already on their way or already there, even if logistics is a challenge because of limited access through the Katmandu airport because of the disaster.

 I was already Saturday morning informed that TIEMS Vice President, Guosheng Qu, was on his way to Nepal as a member of the Chinese International Search and Rescue Team, CISAR, and I can only hope they are able help many people stuck in the collapsed buildings or elsewhere before it is too late.

  I also encourage all TIEMS members and others to support the international and national aid organizations, by donating funds to the bank accounts established to help the Nepalese population in this difficult time.

  This disaster again emphasizes the need for the world community to move its focus from Response to Preparedness. It was a predicted disaster, as many others also are, and increased systematic work on preparedness through strengthening the infrastructure, early warning systems in place, and plans for evacuation and recovery worked out, and extra food, water and medical and other supplies ready in case the disaster strikes.

From the Pacific Disaster Center (PDC) please, find the following link with information on the Nepal Earthquake:

For further details, please, contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 TIEMS Membership will contribute and cooperate the best we can to increased worldwide preparedness in vulnerable areas.

  K. Harald Drager, TIEMS President

TIEMS is a Partner in theEUProject ASSET
  TIEMS is a partner in the EU project ASSET (Action plan in Science in Society in Epidemics and Total pandemics), which is a 48 month Mobilisation and Mutual Learning Action Plan (MMLAP), which aims to 1) forge a partnership with complementary perspectives, knowledge and experiences to address affectively scientific and societal challenges raised by pandemics and associated crisis management; 2) explore and map SiS (Science in Society)-related issues in global pandemics; 3) define and test a participatory and inclusive strategy to succeed; 4) identify necessary resources to make sustainable the action after the project completion. ASSET combines public health, vaccine and epidemiological research, social and political sciences, law and ethics, gender studies, science communication and media, in order to develop an integrated, transdisciplinary, strategy, which will take place at different stages of the research cycle, combining local, regional and national levels.

ASSET High Level Policy Forum (ASSET HLPF)
TIEMS is a partner in the EU Project ASSET (Action Plan on Sicence in Society Related Issues in Epidemics and Total Pandemics), see web-site. One of TIEMS tasks in the project is to establish a Higl Level Policy Forum, recruit members to the Forum and get the Forum operational and addressing Epidemic and Pandemic issues, see
The first Forum meeting was held in Brussels 12th March 2015, see
The second Forum meeting was held in Copenhagen 15th January 2016, see
The third meeting in ASSET HLPF is planned for Brussels 28th April 2017.
Main Topics to be discussed virtually from now and concluded in a policy report from ASSET HLPF at the third ASSET HLPF meeting:
Participatory Governance in Public Health
Ethical Issues in Pandemic Preparedness Planning
Vaccination Hesitancy
For interest becoming a member of ASSET HLPF, please, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

                               Weekly Disaster Resilience Internet Links Neil Dufty

List of disaster resilience internet linksto relevant information around the world provided by Neil Dufty.

 TIEMS 2016 Focus
TIEMS focus in 2016  will be on strengthening TIEMS Chapters worldwide and establish new ones, see TIEMS Chapters, and further develop and promote TIEMS International Education Initiative GENERATE, see TIEMS Education. We are encouraged by TIEMS achievements in 2015, see TIEMS Reporting, and several TIEMS events are already in planning for 2016, see TIEMS Events 2016.

We invite you to become a TIEMS member and join us in our efforts for a safer world, see Membership!

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The 2nd China (Kunming) Southeast Asia & South Asia Fire Safety and Emergency Rescue & Technology Expo


Date: November 9-11, 2017 (Tentative date)



To make Yunnan a pivot of China's fire information opening-up to South and Southeast Asia has become a major strategic task of the new era. With execution of the Communist of China(CPC) policies, China (Kunming) Southeast Asia & South Asia Fire Safety and Emergency Rescue & Technology Expo, which is organized by Yunnan Fire Protection Association, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Yunnan Sub-Council, will be held on November 9-11, 2016.