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Surveys supported by TIEMS

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Social Media and Emergency Management Survey

Surveys of the Pop - Alert Project:

English Survey,  French Survey,  Dutch Survey,  Greek Survey

 CBRNe Events in Europe and Worldwide

 This Report is compiled and published by the Observatory Security and CBRNe Defense - OSDIFE on a monthly basis.  This report identifies relevant news from around the world including man-made and natural events involving Chemical, Biological and Radiological/Nuclear Risks.The CBRNe Report also compiles related activities, projects, programs, initiatives and training in the CBRNe filed of study, providing web links for further in-depth analysis if needed. The September 2014 edition marks the first time this report has been published in English. We welcome your inputs and suggestions in our effort to expand the distribution of this report.

Send feed-back to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 TIEMS Newsletter
Articles, news and announcement on emergency and disaster management activities, events and research worldwide. Read also about TIEMS new Chapters in Nigeria & West Africa and USA (see picture) and TIEMS chapter activities in TIEMS President's Message 

Announcement of TIEMS 2014 Annual Conference 
in Niigata Japan, Niigata Convention Center
20 - 23 October 2014
For further details, see Annual Conference 2014
or contact Norio Maki at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

TIEMS Conference in Hattiesburg, Southern Mississippi, USA
took place 21 - 23 July 2014

A TIEMS USA Chapter was established during the conference!
See USA 2014 Conference Report     

Survey on Critical Communication with Photos and Videos

 We have just performed a global survey on end users view of what they find necessary as the system and operational requirements when communicating photos and videos over critical communication networks like TETRA/TEDS networks. The concluding report of the survey is found on the following link:

 Furthermore, we are pleased to give you access to a report of an earlier survey

"On the Use of Visual Information in Emergency Management"

The report gives an international view on the use of visual information in emergency management, and we hope you find this report of interest as well?

Another interesting report is the Future Communications Study which addresses concerns amongst the BAPCO membership that the replacement/evolution of the current Emergency Services Network (ESN) may compromise essential functionality for economic savings:

Emergency Services Communications: Resilience for the Twenty-First Century

 TIEMS Beijing Office and Chinese Industrial Group Alliance

In order to assist and help in TIEMS development in Asia, TIEMS has etsablished a TIEMS Beijing Office, and Wenlong Yang is TIEMS Beijing Office contact person at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

TIEMS Beijing Office has also established a Chinese Industrial Alliance Group of Chinese industrial companies in the emergency and disaster management field, and these companies are seeking partnership with other companies worldwide.

TIEMS Chinese Industrial Company Alliance Group

TIEMS is a Partner in the EU Project ASSET Asset logo
TIEMS is a partner in the EU project ASSET (Action plan in Science in Society in Epidemics and Total pandemics), which is a 48 month Mobilisation and Mutual Learning Action Plan (MMLAP), which aims to 1) forge a partnership with complementary perspectives, knowledge and experiences to address affectively scientific and societal challenges raised by pandemics and associated crisis management; 2) explore and map SiS (Science in Society)-related issues in global pandemics; 3) define and test a participatory and inclusive strategy to succeed; 4) identify necessary resources to make sustainable the action after the project completion. ASSET combines public health, vaccine and epidemiological research, social and political sciences, law and ethics, gender studies, science communication and media, in order to develop an integrated, transdisciplinary, strategy, which will take place at different stages of the research cycle, combining local, regional and national levels.

The first TEMC Conference in Chengdu, China
TEMC Logo1TIEMS Emergency Medical Committee (TEMC), established in Guangzhou, China in November 2013, arranged its first conference 17th April in Chengdu, China, see Conference Report. The success of the conference opened new windows and pathways for The International Emergency Management Society, and also provided fresh thoughts and ideas for promoting the improvement of international rescue management in China and worldwide. For interest, please, contact Secretary General of TEMC, Chaoyang He at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
For more details, go to TEMC Site

K. Harald Drager 2013TIEMS President's 2014 Annual Report
 Read about TIEMS Achievements and Progress in 2013.

                               Weekly Disaster Resilience Internet Links Neil Dufty

List of disaster resilience internet links to relevant information around the world provided by Neil Dufty.

 TIEMS 2014 Focus
TIEMS focus in 2013  will be on strengthening TIEMS Chapters worldwide and establish new ones, see TIEMS Chapters, and further develop and promote TIEMS International Education, Training and Certification Program, see TIEMS Education. We are encouraged by TIEMS achievements in 2013, see TIEMS Reporting, and several TIEMS events are already in planning for 2014, see TIEMS Events 2014.

We invite you to become a TIEMS member and join us in our efforts for a safer world, see Membership!

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