Current Events

TIEMS is arrange twelve (12) events in seven (7) countries in 2017. Below is the calendar:
10 February: TIEMS India Chapter Workshop in New Delhi, India (Finalized and Reported)
26 May: TIEMS Ukraine Chapter Workshop in Kyiv, Ukraine
12 – 16 June: TIEMS USA Chapter Conference in Orono, Maine, USA
28 – 30 June: Co-organizer of the 7th China International Fire Safety Exhibition in Guangzhou, China
July (Tentative): TIEMS Japan Chapter Public Conference  in Tokyo, Japan
24 July – 7 August: TIEMS Ukraine Chapter Summer School on Vulnerability Assessment of Critical Infrastructures in the Post-Soviet Era: Case Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine
September (Tentative): TIEMS Iraq Chapter Conference in Erbil, Iraq
9 – 11 November (Tentative): Co-organizer of China Southeast Asia & South Asia Fire Safety and Emergency Rescue Technology Expo, Kunming, China
11 November: TIEMS Emergency Medical Committee (TEMC) Annual Conference with the 6th Harvard Medical School BIDMC China Program Forum, Nanjing, China
15 – 16 November: TIEMS Korea Annual Conference in, Ilsan, Gyunggido, Korea
November (Tentative): TIEMS 2017 Annual Conference in India
November (Tentative): TIEMS China Chapter Annual Conference in Beijing

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 This Conference was arranged at
University of Maine, June 12-16, 2017
on the topic
 Emergency Management, Homeland Security, and Computing
Homeland security events often lead to emergency management situations. As with many other disciplines, computing is playing an ever more important in emergency management. Di erent aspects of computing, such as cybersecurity, modeling, and virtual reality are important both for protecting critical assets, for preparing for disasters, and for training.
This year, the TIEMS USA Annual Conference is dedicated to the theme Emergency Management, Homeland Security, and Computing. Presentations from US and international leaders will provide unique insights on these important topics, and interactive sessions will create an exceptional opportunity to discuss local and international perspectives. Please join us and add your ideas to the discussion. Learn, network, and enjoy beautiful Maine in the summer!