TIEMS is a partner in the HERACLES EU project, which main objective is to design, validate and promote responsive   systems/solutions for effective resilience of Cultural Heritage (CH) against climate change effects, considering a holistic mutlidisciplinary approach through the involvement of end-users, industry / SMES's, scientists, conservators / restorators, social experts, decision and policy makers. HERACLES will develop a system exploiting an ICT platform to collect and integrate multisource information to effectively provide complete and updated situational awareness and support for improving CH resilience, including new solutions for maintenance and conservation and to define the materials able to be integrated in the platform for proper maintenance, remediation and restoration actions. HERACLES system will be designed and developed taking into account the economic sustainability and future acceptance by the market and the social and economic impact for public and local communities while respecting the integrity of CH and the value it hold for communities. HERACLES envisages effective technological transfer of outcomes to large companies, SMEs and end users. 
There are three case study sites in the project in CRETE, GREECE in Minoan Knossos Palace and  Venetian coastal fortress of Koules and in Italy in GUBBIO at Medieval Wall and High town.

EUlogoThis project has received funding from the European Union's Framework Programme for Research and Innovation HORIZON 2020 under Grant Agreement 700395.

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