TIEMS International Certification - TQC is available on the TQC Web Platform. The Candidates Application and Validation and Access to TQC Learning Material and the final Examination will be done on-line the TQC Web Platform.

The figure below illustrates the capability and functions of the TQC Web Platform and its link to TIEMS web site. The figure indicates the functions involved for the Candidate from Application, through Compliance and TQC Examintion, and to finally being awarded TIEMS International Certification - TQC Diploma.

TQC web platform ver3


First of all familiarise yourself with the requirements and process of applying for TIEMS International Certification - TQC, by reading carefully all information on below links:
Links to Description and Details of TIEMS Education, Training and Certification
TIEMS Education Partners
Please, note that you need to be a TIEMS member in good standing (paid membership), before your TQC application will be processed by the TQC Certification Board. Please, use the following link to become a TIEMS member: Becoming a TIEMS Member
To start the process for applying for TIEMS International Certification - TQC, you should read the TQC Brief Introduction and consider if you are qualified for TQC Certification and also read and confirm you will adhere to the TQC Code of Conduct. That both of these documents are read and understood, should be confirmed when answering the questions in the TQC Application Form, which you find on the following link: TQC Application Form
The TQC Certification Board will evaluate your TQC Application Form within 7 days, and if accepted, you will receive, to your e-mail address, a unique Password and Username, which is to be used when logging in to the TQC WEB Platform and continue your TQC application process.
The TQC Web Platform is found on the following link: TQC Web Platform

If your TQC Application Form is not accepted by the TQC Certification Board, you will be advised on how you can improve your qualifications before applying again for TQC Certification.

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