Gregory D. Swick is TIEMS Director Membership and Chapters. Greg Swick ver4

Greg is an execution oriented executive with decades of experience in project planning and management. In a career spanning multiple high-tech projects he has successfully deployed systems and products that resulted from complex hardware and software development. Throughout his career that has included many short duration, time critical projects and some activities measured in days and hours.

Greg Swick’s success is spawned from his ability to lead and manage teams. Leadership experience includes cross functional teams and multilevel actors. Leadership and deployment of matrixed resources, that is actors not in his direct chain of command, is a key strength.  

His focus in building customer intimacy to take into account the varied needs of multiple stakeholders is a key to his success. This includes the ability to listen with context and understand the desires and needs of a complex and varied set of stakeholders. The capabilities have included pre-award activities to include bidding and bid realism analysis, conceptualization and team stand-up - putting together the best elements from multiple organizations to attack a problem space. Execution: System engineering process / design reviews, EVMS, tech baseline, change management, acceptance.

His experience includes:

  • More than 1000 sorties in the F-4 Phantom as an Electronics Warfare Officer
  • Product management experience in electronics and networking
  • Business Unit director doing advanced research for DARPA and government labs
  • Program management for US and international programs in the US, Europe and Japan

Greg has proven program skills focused on risk management and mitigation, project scheduling including complex interactions with multiple dependencies, and accurate budgeting. Greg’s skillset includes capability in the program domain to execute programs and also to review proposed and in process activities to ensure that they comply with best practices and reasonableness. Experience includes preparation and review of program artifacts for the next level of oversight. Also included in his toolbox is over a decade in virtual simulation and its use in predictive analysis to include capabilities development, visualization and human-machine interactions. Greg was the business manager responsible for business units engaged in research and development of hardware and software systems for advanced networked virtual world simulation, and hybrid simulations involving live, virtual, and constructive simulations for training and capabilities development for US and worldwide customers.

Greg has a Masters in Management from Westminster College and attended the MIT Sloan Executive Management program in technology. His BS is from Miami University in Government studies and he did additional work in international studies to include a year studying in Luxembourg. Linked in profile including competencies and endorsements at 

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