Desiree Beekharry is TIEMS Regional Director for Australia, New Zealand and Oceania.Desiree Beekharry

Dr Desiree Beekharry is the Utilisation Program Manager for the Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC. The CRC’s mission is to ensure the Australian communities’ resilience to natural hazards. Dr Desiree Beekharry’s remit is to ensure that the high level research which are conducted in consultation with the emergency services sector are fit-for-purpose and are adopted by the various emergency services agencies. Dr Beekharry currently manages a research workforce across Australia and New Zealand of over 60 projects.

She comes from a long event, project and program management career in several countries including UK, USA, France, Germany, Spain and Switzerland. Her 2 professional passions are Project Management and Disaster Management – especially Risk in Disaster Management. Dr Beekharry is also a tutor and supervisor for the Master of Project Management Program at the University of South Australia and Torrens University. She is a qualified and experienced ESOL and French teacher, Conflict Negotiations trainer and facilitator.

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