Yukio Fujinawa is Chair of TIEMS Disaster Early Warning Task Force Group.Yukio Fujinawa 2
Dr. Yukio Fujinawa started his work in the disaster mitigation from 1965 as Researcher, National Research Center for Disaster Prevention (NRCDP). He received a Dr. Science degree in 1976 from Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, University of Tokyo focusing on generation and development of wind waves based on ocean field observation data. As the chief of the First Research Laboratory of Coastal Disaster Prevention, he investigated tsunami deformation and amplification in the shallow part of sea by means of multi-point measurements of ocean long wave and surf beats.

In 1975 he lead the team for the earthquake disaster mitigation as Chief Researcher of Crustal Deformation Research Laboratory of NRCDP. He engaged in the prediction research of the great earthquake through observational approaches using developed pop-up type ocean bottom seismometers. In 1987 he became a Visiting Researcher to make collaborative researches with other national research institutes. In 1990 as a director of the Special researcher he engaged in the field of seismo-tectonics using Magnetotelluric and seismic data, in the synthetic aperture radar image for detecting ground surface deformation related with earthquake, volcanic eruption and climate changes.

He worked as temporary lecture for the disaster seminar of JICA, Japan for about 20 years. In 2000 he started the R/D for the earthquake early warning (EEW) system. After leaving NRCDP in 2003 he participated in the national EEW project to develop application systems for disaster mitigation as CEO of the (NPO) Real-time Earthquake Information Consortium (REIC). He was a special lecture of International Institute of Seismology and Earthquake Engineering, Building Research Institute for four years. Currently he is the Executive Technical Officer of the Mieruka Co. Ltd. to disseminate the high accurate disaster mitigation system for EEW and Chief technical Adviser of the Organization for Development of Resilient Communities (ODRC) by means of developed DEWs as EEW, Tsunami Early Waning (TEW) and earthquake prediction system. And he is the auditor of the TIEMS Japan Chapter.

He has been worked nearly 50 years for research and development for disaster mitigation, especially in the disaster mitigation information of earthquake and volcanic eruption. He is very eager to transfer knowledge and experience in the world for helping people to save themselves and make their community more resilient against natural hazards as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, land slide and tsunamis by using several tools including those invented by himself.

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