Christian Sommade is TIEMS Host for TIEMS 2020 Annual Conference in Paris, France.Christian Sommade

Christian Sommade is General Delegate of the thinktank " Resilience France ", formerly " Haut comité français pour la défense civile ". He is also Director of the company Resiliency, after a career in the Defence and Security industry.

He graduated in public law and holds a DESS (post-graduate degree) in Defence and a master's degree in marketing and communication. He is also a former auditor of the Institut National des Hautes Études de la Sécurité et de la Justice (INHESJ). He is the French representative of the IAEM (International Association of Emergency Manager). He is the author of two books on "major risks and the protection of populations" (ed FS - 1986 & 1996). Finally, he is a member of the CEPS and the Cercle K2 and is colonel of the Gendarmerie Nationale's citizen reserve.

Before joining Resilience France, he had an international career in major defence and security groups (Saint-Gobain, Giat Industries, Cegelec), particularly in the field of CBRN.

Christian Sommade has been leading the activities of Resilience France for 20 years. He has organized nearly 200 breakfast debates at the French Senate and Webinars and about a hundred conferences on the theme of global security. He has to his credit numerous presentations in international and national conferences, as well as on TV.

Resilience France is a non-profit organization, which participates in the reflection on organizational and structural resilience. It promotes exchanges between the State, the Parliament, the collectivities, the companies and the experts on the questions concerning national security, and the resilience of the populations, the companies and ultimately of the nation in front of the major risks and threats.

Since 2004, Christian Sommade has also created and co-leads the national sessions and Resiliency training and exercises in risk analysis, crisis management and business continuity. He has participated in several security research projects (FP7, ANR...) and digital tools development (CAIAC).

Christian Sommade has a great knowledge of the workings of the organization of national security in France. He has directed several studies and training materials for the Prime minister security services (SGDSN). He also has a rich experience in the direction of crisis management exercises, as he has led many crisis management training and exercises (simulated media pressure of government exercises for the last 6 years).

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