Advisory Board

Meet the members of TIEMS Advisory Board

Kelly-Anne Frith is TIEMS Editor with main responsibility for TIEMS Regular Newsletter.Kelly Anne Frith

Kelly-Anne Frith has a background in biological sciences having been a researcher for nearly 15 years. She has recently completed her PhD degree in Biotechnology at Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa. In 2015, she got an administrative post that introduced her to the world of academic publishing at a small local publishing firm with international reach. She quickly took on the role of production coordinator for a host of medical journals, utilising her expertise in the pseudo-medical research field that biochemistry and biotechnology offer. From there, her publishing career blossomed where she took on the the role of publishing editor for a range of African-based, natural science journal titles.

Publishing has given her the opportunity to work with people, mainly in research, from all tiers, from the struggling author eager to get their work published to the reviewers and referees critiquing the written work to the Editors-in-Chief and copy-editors, who polish the written manuscripts, and typesetters and graphic artists, who produce beautifully set manuscripts, for publication to the wider audience. She has the perfect bacxkground as TIEMS Regular Newsletter Editor.

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