Board of Directors

Meet the members of TIEMS Board of Directors
Jae Kwon KimJae Kwon Kim is TIEMS Regional Director for Asia.
Jae Kwon Kim began working in the field as a practitioner, while he was participating in huge projects with Korea Construction Management Corporation as an engineer. As a practitioner, he got involved in projects inside and outside of Korea, and participated in disaster and emergency response in Korea. Currently, he is working as a CEO of a railroad corporate, and also served as a CEO in construction corporate that are well aware of disaster prevention and emergency response. He participated in disaster prevention activities as a consultant, panel, and researcher. As the head of KSDS, he is deeply involved in emergency response manual, research, and policy settings in Korea.
As an engineer, he participated in huge projects in many different nations such as Saudi Arabia, Arab region, Japan, Singapore, and Asian region. Especially, in the field of construction safety field, he has lots of experiences working as a control tower. He is participating in national disaster prevention for policy setting, and research as a leader, and he earned this position through his passion and devotion in the field to make everyone safe from disaster and accidents.
He expresses his challenge, and goal as a chairman of KSDS, to educate, train, and research by raising awareness, and explain necessity for disaster preparedness to make a perfect disaster response system. He believes this is a goal, and challenge that is worthwhile to overcome as a chairman of KSDS, and president of Korea chapter of TIEMS.
He is married, and he has one daughter, and grandson. He loves strolling and hiking, mostly for leisure, and he also likes golf, and go, which is also known as baduk in Korea that it is an Asian style of chess.