Rodney Jagolino is TIEMS Regional Director for Asia.Rodney Jagolino

He is currently the Acting Vice President and concurrent Chief of the Center for Policy and Strategy (CPS), PHILIPPINE PUBLIC SAFETY COLLEGE (PPSC) of the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG). Through the CPS, he initiates and facilitates the generation of strategic analyses, policy studies, and scholarly research in pursuit of a more responsive public safety, peace and justice education. He also takes the lead in forging partnerships with key institutions both local and foreign for knowledge exchange, program innovation, resource mobilization and capacity building in support of PPSC’s objectives.

Prior to his stint in PPSC, he was the Managing Director and Supervising Fellow of the Institute of Public Management (IPM) of the DEVELOPMENT ACADEMY OF THE PHILIPPINES (DAP). As IPM Head he manages and oversees the implementation of various executive and leadership courses and graduate degree programs of the Academy such as the Master in Public Management major in Integrity Development in Governance (MPM-IDiG), Master in Public Management major in Rural Development (MPM-RD), Master in Public Management major in Development and Security (MPM DevSEc), Master in Public Management major in International Development and Security (MPM-IDevSec), Master in Public Management major in Health Systems and Development (MPM-HSD), Legislative Coaching Program for Newly Elected Legislators, Executive Coaching Program for Newly Elected Mayors, Governance and Leadership Course for Local Chief Executives, Local Government Executive Legislative Agenda Formulation, Corporate Governance and Leadership Course for Executives of Government Owned and Controlled Corporations, and the Executive Development Program for Senior Officials of Philippine State Universities and Colleges. He was also a co-facilitator for the Multilateral Organizational Performance Assessment Network (MOPAN) Philippine Country Dialogue for UNDP, UNICEF, UNAIDS and World Bank commissioned by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

During the Arroyo Presidency, he was appointed as Assistant Secretary and Chief of Staff to the Secretary of National Defense and National Security Adviser where he provides executive, administrative and technical support to the SND and NSA in the exercise of their policy making, management and oversight functions in the broad concerns of Defense Diplomacy, Philippine Defense Reform (PDR), Armed Forces of the Philippines Modernization Program, Disaster Risk Management and Rehabilitation, Veteran Affairs, UN Peacekeeping Missions, Reservist Affairs, Defense System of Management, and with respect to the coordination, integration and formulation of domestic, foreign, military, political, economic, social, environmental and educational policies relating to national security.

He was also designated as the Director for Operations and Administration of the OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENTIAL ADVISER ON SPECIAL CONCERNS in Malacanang. As the Director designate, he provides executive, administrative and technical support to the Presidential Adviser on Special Concerns in the exercise of his function of advising and recommending to the President policies, strategies and programs aimed at creating a political, social and economic environment conducive to the attainment of peace, stability, social integration, economic development, social justice, and better international relations.

During the Ramos and Estrada Administrations he served as Planning and Development Management Officer of National Program for Unification and Development Council, OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT in Malacanang. He oversees the implementation of community based assistance programs for former rebels, demobilized combatants and civilian victims of internal armed conflicts aimed to address their economic, social, political and psychological rehabilitation needs.

He is a graduate of the Executive Doctorate in Education Leadership from the Development Academy of the Philippines and finished his Master in National Security Administration from the National Defense College of the Philippines.

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