Andre Samberg is TIEMS Research and Technology Development Coordinator.Andre Samber1

Andre Samberg holds MSc in Electrical Engineering (1991), MS in Military Sciences (1991) and BA in Security Management (2008). He also completed the D.Sc. studies in Space Technology (2010) and PhD in Civil Protection (2019). Retired AF Captain. UN Crisis Management Veteran (peacekeeping, military veteran). Decorated with 15 merit crosses and medals. Fellow ICPEM of The Institute of Civil Protection and Emergency Management (UK).

He was an instructor for Nokia Siemens Networks on 3G/4G mobile radio networks and telecommunications. Used to be Member of ISO, NIST and other standardization bodies. He was research scientist and project manager at Helsinki University of Technology 1994-2000. He (co-)authored 120+ papers and technical reports, researcher in about 20 international and national projects.

Since 2011 he has been a member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Emergency Management. Since 2007, used to be a reviewer for Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science, The International Journal of Emergency Management, Journal of Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing, Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing. 2006–2007, Chairman, ASPRS Lidar Committee (ASPRS – American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, USA); for the 1st time in the history of ASPRS when the chair of any committee was elected outside North America. Then developed the LAS standard for laser scanner data, which is now implemented in every commercial remote sensing tools and GIS.

He was the (technical) coordinator in 2 European funded projects: one dedicated to 3D forest modeling using airborne laser scanning and the second one dedicated to the creation of pan-European federated testbed for public safety communications. Sub-task leader, Training on cross-border preparedness in project "Network of European Hubs for Civil Protection and Crisis Management" (DG ECHO, 2019-2020);  Project manager in Ukraine, The World Bank/GFDRR study on "The State of Civil Protection in the World: Typologies, Good Practices and Economic Returns" (2017-2019); National project manager, FP7 CAMINO (Comprehensive Approach to cyber roadMap coordINation and develOpment), CSA (2014-2016); National project manager, FP7 SAMURAI (Suspicious and Abnormal Behaviour Monitoring Using a Network of Cameras & Sensors for Situation Awareness Enhancement), RIA project (2008-2011).

5 gold medals (a champion) and 6 silver medals at the National Para-Athletics Championships.

Current research interests: public security, public safety communications, civil protection, AR/VR training tools for first responders, unmanned systems.

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