The International Emergency Management Society

TIEMS Reporting

Reporting of TIEMS Progress
Reports from TIEMS activities worlwide are  important documentation of what is going on in TIEMS and the progress made towards TIEMS goal of a safer world. The annual conferences and workshops since 2007 up to present are reported annually, as well as other important documentation of important progress of the society. Please, click on the year of interest and see how TIEMS has developed over the years, and what plans and vision the socity has for the future!
TIEMS is an independent, not for profit, non-political NGO, and all members, officers and directors work voluntary for the society. All activities are self financed through event fees, membership, donations and sponsorships. Therfore all TIEMS events and activities worldwide are arranged in cooperation with a local host and local and international organisations and institutions within emergency and disaster management. The program  focuses mainly on local hazards in emergency and disaster management, but  put these challenges into an international persepctive in order to link the local TIEMS activity with the rest of TIEMS expert network worldwide. This way experience and expertise and best practise are shared efficiently to the benefit of the whole TIEMS worldwide network.
TIEMS needs partners and sponsors and if interested in arranging TIEMS annual conferences or workshops, or initiate other activity in cooperation with TIEMS, please, contact TIEMS President or TIEMS Secretariat.