The International Emergency Management Society

TIEMS Activities

TIEMS Activities within Emergency and Disaster Management 
  1. International Conferences and Workshops worldwide - TIEMS 2015 Events
  2. Newsletter with latest News and Articles of interest - TIEMS Newsletter
  3. Chapters to stimulate local initiatives and activities - TIEMS Chapters
  4. Research & Development Projects and Member Service - RTD Projects
  5. International Education, Training and Certification - TIEMS Education
  6. Global Young Scientist Network - Young Scientists
  7. TIEMS Library with Proceedings from TIEMS Events - TIEMS Library
  8. TIEMS Task Force Groups - TIEMS Task Force Groups

 Member Benefits

  1. Personal and Institutional Membership - TIEMS Membership
  2. Partnerships with comlimentary Organisations and Institutions - Partnerships
  3. Sponsorships to support TIEMS Activities - Sponsorships
  4. Finacial Support to Students - Student Support
  5. Recognize excellence in the profession - TIEMS Awards
  6. International Education, Training and Certification - TIEMS Education
  7. TIEMS International Pool of Teachers and Trainers - TIEMS Pool
  8. Research and Development Service to TIEMS Members  - RTD Projects
  9. Beconme a TIEMS Task Force Group Expert - TIEMS Task Force Groups

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