The International Emergency Management Society

Brief History of TIEMS

TIEMS Milestones


TIEMS was established in Washington, USA, as The International Emergency Management and Engineering Society (TIEMES) and registered in Dallas, Texas, USA, as a non-profit organisation. Among the group of founders were Jim Sullivan, USA (First President), K. Harald Drager, Norway (First Vice President), Suleyman Tufecki, USA (First Treasurer), Jean Luc Wybo (Board Member), France and Ross Newkirk (Board Member), Canada.


The Society was reorganized and changed its name to The International Emergency Management Society (TIEMS) and its registration was moved to Florida, USA


The Society's registration was moved to Z├╝rich, Switzerland  in order to be close to other international organisations having operational centeres in Switzerland.


TIEMS moved to Belgium, where TIEMS today is registered as an International, Independent and Not for Profit NGO.

 TIEMS Presidents

Jim Sullivan, USA, 1993 - 1995

Jean Luc Wybo, France, 1995 - 1996

Verner Andersen, Denmark, 1996- 1997

John Harrald, USA, 1997 - 2002

K. Harald Drager, Norway, 2002 - present

 TIEMS Annual Conferences

TIEMS arranged its first annual conference in Fort Lauderdale, USA in 1994, and have since then moved the conference venue around the world.

Sofia Antipolis,
France, 1995
Canada, 1996
Denmark, 1997
USA, 1998
Netherlands, 1999
USA, 2000
Norway, 2001
Canada, 2002
Sofia Antipolis,
France, 2003
Australia, 2004
Faroe Islands, 2005
Korea, 2006
Croatia, 2007
Czech Republic, 2008
Turkey, 2009
China, 2010
Romania, 2011
Iraq, 2012
France, 2013 
Japan, 2014
Rome, Italy
USA, 2016
City TBD

 TIEMS Chapters

At the annual conference in 2002 in Waterloo, Canada, TIEMS Board of Directors decided to further internationalize the society by establishing activities and TIEMS Chapters around the world. The objective was:

"Think Globally and act Locally"

Today TIEMS chapters are establsihed in:

Middle East & North Africa (MENA)
 Nigeria & West Africa (NWA)

A dialogue is opened for establishing chapters in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Nepal, Turkey, Tunisia, Pakistan, Germany, Iran, Spain, France, Australia and South Africa.

 TIEMS Workshops

Establishment of chapters resulted in increased TIEMS activity and workshopsand conferences around the world. TIEMS first workshop was arranged in Washington in 2003, and then followed workshops and conferences all over the world:
Seoul, Korea
Moscow, Russia
Magdeburg, Germany
Trogir, Croatia
Tilburg, Netherlands
Arnhem, Netherlands
Rome, Italy
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Prague, Czech Republic
Beijing, China
Shanghai, China
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Zagreb, Croatia
Nairobi, Kenya
Antwerp, Belgium
Split, Croatia
Espoo, Finland
Ales-Nimes, France
Suleymaniyah, Iraq
Tokyo, Japan
Guangzhou, China
Oslo, Norway
 Kyoto, Japan
Chengdu, China
Hangzhou, China
Hattiesburg, USA
Berlin, Germany
Basrah, Iraq

 TIEMS RTD Projects and RTD Member Service

TIEMS was invited to participate in the NARTUS EU project, in the period 2006 - 2009, with responsibility for consensus building and establishing a European Forum for Public Safety Communication. The project was finalized in May 2009, reaching the goals of a operational self governed PSC Europe Forum, working with public safety communication in a global perspective.
Based on above experience, TIEMS launched its RTD project service for its members in 2011, with the aim of initiating RTD projects and stimulating its members to initiate RTD projects or participate in established RTD consortiums addressing issues for improving emergency and disaster management technology, methods and systems and operational practice. It is expected that this will be an increasing future activity of TIEMS, and very important to TIEMS members.
TIEMS has been invited into the Advisory or User Boards of the following EU projects; ACRIMAS, OPTI-ALERT, CRISMA, ARCHIMEDES, EDEN, PHAROS, TAWARA_RTM, DRIVER and RESCUER.
TIEMS is now a partner in the EU project ASSET (Action Plan on Sience in Society (SiS) Related Issues in Epidemics and Total Pandemics). The project started in 2013 and will finalize at the en dof 2016.
During the 2014 EU Call Horizon 2020, TIEMS was invited to participate in 4 proposals, which we hope will be successfully financed by EU.

Awarding Excellence in Emergency and Disaster Management
Bernd Rohrmann, Australia, contacted TIEMS President during TIEMS annual conference in Croatia in 2007, with a financial donation to establish TIEMS Rohrmann Student Scholarship Fund, which is to help and support students to participate in TIEMS events. This Fund is supporting two students each year to participate in TIEMS  annual conference as long as the Fund has sufficient financial means.
TIEMS Korea Chapter's President, Young-Jai Lee, announced during TIEMS annual conference in Croatia in 2007, that TIEMS Korea Chapter will give a monetary best paper award to the three best papers presented at TIEMS annual conferences in the future, starting with TIEMS annual conference in Prague 2008.
TIEMS China Chapter Vice President, Guosheng Qu, announced prior to TIEMS annual conference 2011, that TIEMS China Chapter will give a monetary best student papers award to the three best student papers presented at TIEMS annual conferences in the future, starting with TIEMS annual conference in Bucharest 2011.
TIEMS Japan Chapter by Noria Maki, announced prior to TIEMS annual conference 2013 in France, that TIEMS Japan Chapter will give a monetary  award to the best papers presented at TIEMS annual conferences in the future, starting with TIEMS annual conference in France in 2013. 
TIEMS President announced a new award at TIEMS annual conference in Bucharest in 2011, TIEMS President's Outstanding Achievement Award, to be issued each year in the future. The first 2010 Award was given to Jack Zhang, for his committment and achievement with the arrangement of TIEMS 2010 annual conference in Beijing.

 International Education, Training and Certification Program

TIEMS launched its International Education, Training and Certification Program in 2011 TIEMS Education with the following objectives: 
  1. Put International Focus on the Profession of Emergency and Disaster Management
  2. Contribute to an International Standard in Education, Training and Certification in Emergency and Disaster Management
  3. Contribute to education in Emergency and Disaster Management in order to promote the state of the art in technology, systems and methods available in the field
  4. Contribute to education at all levels, from policy documents to courses in primary school education
  5. Establish a TIEMS Certification of Qualifications in International Emergency and Disaster Management
  6. Contribute to Capacity Building in Countries where little or no Education and Training in this field is available
  7. Recruit International Teachers and Trainers to TIEMS Pool of International Teachers and Trainers
Since the the beginning of 2011, TIEMS training workshops have been arranged in China,  Romania and Iraq. TIEMS International Pool of Teachers and Trainers has been establsihed with international courses on different topics in emergency and disaster management.

TIEMS Task Force Groups

TIEMS China Chapter suggested in 2013 to establsh TIEMS Task Force Groups where the expert TIEMS members could assist to UN OCHA or national authorities during disasters and crisis with their expertise. The following groups are established:
  1. TIEMS Emergency Medical Committee
  2. TIEMS Education and Training Task Force Group


  TIEMS Vision and 5 Year Plan

The present focus and planned activities of TIEMS are found in TIEMS Vision and TIEMS 5 Year Plan, both approved by the Board of Directors in 2011.