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Establishment of TIEMS Japan Chapter
TIEMS Japan Chapter was established on May 2012. There are already over five hundred members, and the President of the chapter is Prof. Haruo Hayashi from Disaster Prevention Research Institute Kyoto University.
On 22th and 23rd May 2012, the commemorative symposium was held for the establishment of the chapter and the three mission objectives of the Japan Chapter were set up.
  1. Create a place for exchange of information between the researchers and the professionals in connection with risk management
  2. To promote practice of the risk management in an international framework
  3. Spread and set focus on research and development of risk management/disaster prevention and promote standardization
TIEMS Japan Chapter Membership
Most of TIEMS Japan Chapter members are expert managers, response personnel, practitioners, consultants, and other interested parties within Emergency and Disaster Management. Firemen, administration officials and university professors are included as well. TIEMS Japan Chapter sends e-mail newsletters to over five hundred members regularly.
Public Conferences
TIEMS Japan Chapter held  the following public conferences lately to achieve our mission:
  1. The 1st conference was held on 17th Oct 2012. The theme of the 1st conference was “Emergency Pesponse” and 150 people attended. Prof. Hayashi reported “Incident command system in the US” , Mr. Kumamaru (Vise Director of Fire force in United States Army Camp Zama) reported “Practice of the ICS”. Person in charge of Emergency Management from Nissan and Hitachi also reported about their emergency response plans
  2. The 2nd conference was held on 25th Jan 2013. The theme was “Design of Emergency Operating Center (EOC)” and 150 people attended. Associate Prof. Maki (Chief secretariat of TIEMS Japan Chapter/Assistant Professor of Disaster Prevention Research Institute Kyoto University) reported “Design of EOC and information at the time of disaster”. A local government representative, Panasonic and Gas company were present and reported about EOC and disaster responses of their own.
TIEMS Japan Chapter is planning to hold conferences focused on operational information, command and control and cooperation and coordination based on ISO22320 in 2013.
TIEMS 2014 Annual Conference in Niigata
TIEMS annual conference 2014 will take place in Niigata, Japan. It will be held at Niigata convention center in October 2014. The time of the conference will be commemorative as it will be the tenth year from “Chuetsu Earthquake”, one of the biggest earthquakes in Japan.
  Over 19,000 lives were lost in the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami in 2011, and we all reaffirm the significance of emergency response and recovery, and we have developed the ability to learn constructive lessons of the usage of GIS from Chuetsu Earthquake.
The Japanese Government has continuously been researching about Emergency Response as a national project after the Great Hanshin Earthquake. Chuetsu Earthquake was the first large-scale disaster since then.
We will report and discuss about the front line research for Emergency Response and international framework of Emergency Response at TIEMS annual conference 2014. We are looking forward to many people taking the opportunity to attend.
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