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Establishment of TIEMS China ChapterChina Flag

At the end of April, 2009, TIEMS China Chapter was officially approved. On June 9, 2009, at the opening ceremony of the 16th International Annual Conference of TIEMS, Mr. K. Harald Drager, TIEMS president, officially announced the approval of the establishment of TIEMS China Chapter and issued the certificate to TIEMS China Chapter.
TIEMS China Chapter brings together specialists, scholars and government officials in the field of emergency management. It is committed to promoting the application of international advanced emergency management concepts, theories and methodologies in emergency management to improve the development level of emergency management mechanism and system in China through participating in international cooperation and learning advanced technologies in crisis prevention and disaster mitigation. It also aims to introduce the emergency management theories and cases in China to the world to let the world know more about China’s emergency management.


Network Department:

Responsible for managing TIEMS’s international website and Chinese website; establishing the TIEMS database (including papers, conference presentations and membership information etc.); regularly carrying out surveys on member’s satisfaction and suggestions and feeding back the information of members.

Conference and Exhibition Department:

Responsible for daily affairs related to president meetings and exhibitions.

Membership Management Department:

Is responsible for recruiting and managing members and member units and establishing branches and special branches in all provinces.

Academic Publishing Deptartment:

Organizing members to carry out academic discussions, exchanges and trainings; regularly providing the latest information to members; organizing members to write and publish academic books; publishing academic papers on TIEMS’s well-known foreign media.

Qualification Attesting Department:

Carrying out trainings and attesting for “Qualification Certificate for International Emergency (Disaster) Management Personnel".

Main Missions

  1. Issue the environmental investigation and assessment reports in the area where an emergency event occurs and investigate the possibility of recovery within the area and ensure the environment integrity
  2. Establish extensive cooperation relationships with universities, research institutes, information organizations, technical book and journal publishers, industrial associations, government and non-governmental organizations and enterprises
  3. Assist the implementation of research projects in related areas arousing regional, domestic and international attentions
  4. Provide professional knowledge for related activities in research, analysis monitoring, assessment and other areas of environmental protection
  5. Hold lectures, seminars, courses and conferences after communicating and coordinating with TIEMS headquarter
  6. Carry out interdisciplinary research projects
  7. Raise and allocate scholarships for young experts
  8. Organize professional learning and visits worldwide
  9. Provide financial support for special academic activities
  10. Print related journals and books on tasks supported by countries or regions
  11. Establish contact with the necessary international societies
  12. Create network connections and carry out webpage website maintenance and academic database updating for TIEMS’s working departments

Qu Gousheng

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